The LONESTAR team has over 150 years of expertise across the entire LNG value chain including M&A, upstream and mid-stream project development, LNG marketing, project finance and EPC management.


Dr. Robert Shivers III, CEO

Dr. Robert Shivers, III is a highly skilled visionary with a long list of successful projects during his 35 years in energy.  In 2013, he co-founded LONESTAR to utilize its proprietary FLNG technology to monetize stranded natural gas fields around the world.

Prior to cofounding LONESTAR, Robert spent 30 years designing and managing drilling and development projects in the Gulf of Mexico and UK North Sea.  He has been recognized for his patented technologies and practical solutions in many areas of drilling, and development from offshore shallow and deep-waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and floating LNG.

He began his career with Getty/Texaco E&P where he managed a variety of Gulf of Mexico drilling projects, before moving to the UK to work on North Sea drilling and field development projects.  After Texaco he joined ATP Oil & Gas and managed their first deepwater project in the Gulf of Mexico, the Gomez Floating Production Facility.   Robert also managed the Telemark Hub development which entailed  design and building the MinDOC floating drilling/platform, the first dry-tree capable deepwater production facility built completely within the US.

He began working on floating LNG concepts in 2010 as a means to monetize small, stranded gas fields and has since developed three generations of innovative, proprietary floating LNG technology.

Robert holds a B.S., M. Eng. and D. Eng. degrees in mechanical engineering from Texas A & M University and holds over 30 US patents covering drilling, field development, natural gas and floating liquefaction technologies.


Stan Mendenhall, COO

Stan Mendenhall is Chief Operating Officer and a partner in LoneStar LNG.  Stan has 28 years of oil & gas experience primarily in the offshore midstream and upstream sectors. For twenty of those years from 1994 to 2014, Mr. Mendenhall ran the day-to-day operations of Bluewater Industries, a marine general contracting business, he co-founded. As the VP of Operations, Executive Vice President and the President & CEO of Bluewater, he was directly responsible for the administrative, operational planning and execution of over 60 turnkey field development and decommissioning projects in both the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea basins. These turnkey projects ranged in size from $5million to over $1billion across water depths from 10 ft to 5000 ft of water.

In 2000, Bluewater leveraged its expertise in field decommissioning and abandonment to establish Millennium Offshore Group, an upstream company focused on brownfield exploitation. Over the 6 years prior to Bluewater’s successful divesture of Millennium, the company under Mr. Mendenhall’s guidance developed a significant presence in the Gulf of Mexico operating 23 shelf properties.  These brownfield positions acquired primarily from Dominion, El Paso and Chevron were re-developed through infield exploitation and exploration reaching a peak production of 80MMscfd and 500BOPD before being sold to a strategic partner. In both enterprises, Stan was an equity stakeholder and held senior executive management positions responsible for the execution and strategic growth of the respective business models.

In late 2013, Stan went on to co-found LoneStar LNG, combining both his upstream and midstream experience. Lonestar LNG has developed and is looking to deploy its patented floating LNG technologies in the offshore basins of West Africa and South America to unlock stranded gas for export to market through liquifaction. Presently, Mr. Mendenhall is an equity partner in and the Chief Operating Officer of Auterra Resources, LLC, an onshore upstream oil & gas company focused on the acquisition, operation and redevelopment of shale acreage in Texas and the broader gulf coast and mid-continent areas.

David Wilde, CFO

David was co-founder and former President/CFO of Millennium Offshore Group, an upstream company which he led in the acquisition of 30 Gulf of Mexico blocks and eventual sale of its reserves for a 253X ROI to its investors. In 30 years in the industry, David raised capital for companies in asset acquisitions and divestitures, corporate development and strategic planning. David holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.


Richard Michel, Chief Engineer

Richard P Michel is Chief Engineer and a partner with LoneStar FLNG, an offshore development group in Houston, TX to utilize its proprietary FLNG technology to monetize stranded natural gas fields around the world.

Prior to LONESTAR, Richard spent over 30 years in the design, construction, installation, and repair of mobile offshore drilling and production units in locations all over the world.  He has been responsible for engineering, construction, cost control, and project management of ship-shaped, jack up, semisubmersible, and SPAR/Deep Draft floaters.

His first experience was with Friede & Goldman, Ltd. Where his duties included project management of the design of the Galaxy I jack up unit, and site supervision of the construction of the Drillmar I semisubmersible drilling unit. He then worked for Transocean as the Chief Naval Architect in Astano Shipyard during the design and construction of the Discover Enterprise.  Later working for Bennett & Associates, he was the hull Project Manager during the design of the Mirage MinDOC facility.  As a contractor, he assembled a Multi-national Project Team for the Bidding and Execution of the FEED Project for the V. Filanovsky Drilling and Production Facility in the Caspian Sea.

In 2012, he began working on the engineering and costing of three-generations of floating LNG concepts based on proprietary technology.

Richard earned a B.S. degree in naval architecture & marine engineering from The University of New Orleans.