Leading the next wave of LNG based energy projects


Using our experience, networks and proprietary technology, build shareholder value by:

  • Investing in and enabling selected integrated LNG (well to wire) projects
  • Providing mid-stream FLNG solutions and facilities
  • Building LNG to Power for small to medium emerging markets;
  • Facilitating project financing; and,
  • Licensing our liquefaction, gas processing and power barge technology

Business Overview

LoneStar LNG has technical and commercial capabilities across the entire LNG value chain from field reservoir to market, however, our real competitive advantage lies in 3 areas:


Floating LNG liquefaction:  we have the patents and designs that allow us to liquefy gas at the offshore gas production facilities using a converted Moss LNG tanker as a liquefaction, storage and loading vessel.


The essence of our process patent can be summarized as follows:

  • adding 2 MTPA of liquefaction capacity to a conventional new build or existing Moss LNG tanker;
  • using Nitrogen instead of mixed refrigerants for liquefaction creating a process which is safe, compact and low cost – much more suitable for offshore;
  • separating the typical upstream field development from the LNG liquefaction facility/process.


Our FLNG design is the lowest cost facility available in the market.


FSRU Power Ship:  again we have the patents and design to convert an existing Moss LNG tanker into an FSRU with the on-board capability of generating 150 to 250 MW of power (FSRU Power Ship).  Because the Ship is a fully integrated LNG to Power facility our competitive sweet spot tends to be developing countries looking for clean power quickly but they have credit issues or they need time to ramp up power and gas end user demand and related onshore infrastructure.


Some of the key features include:

  • We use dual fuel (gas and diesel) engines to generate power instead of gas turbines thereby significantly increasing the efficiency of the Power Ship;
  • By combining the LNG regasification with power generation we can use the waste heat from the engines in the process of re-gasifying the LNG resulting in a significant reduction of the environmental footprint.
  • Since the vessel is re-deployable, it can be leased in the short to medium term and replaced with more permanent LNG terminals and onshore IPPs at the appropriate time.


LNG Supply and Procurement – we have a network of LNG supply projects and LNG procurement experience to support an integrated LNG to Power proposal.

Environmental Statement

We are committed to responsible stewardship of the environment.


We have a responsibility to produce and deliver energy to our customers that’s affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly. This policy is more than words at LoneStar LNG, it is imperative our success. Our decisions today will determine our long-term prospects as a company.