LoneStar LNG is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) development company focused on a LNG export project offshore Louisiana

Dr. Robert Shivers

Chief Executive Officer

Robert has over 35 years experience designing and managing complex drilling and development projects in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea for Texaco and ATP Oil & Gas. He developed LoneStar’s proprietary FLNG technology and holds over 30 US patents.

Stan Mendenhall

Chief Operating Officer

Stan has 28 years of oil & gas experience in offshore contracting and upstream sectors. He was President and CEO of Bluewater Industries, a marine general contractor, he co-founded. Bluewater was directly responsible for over 60 turnkey field development projects in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea ranging from $5million to over $1billion across water depths from 10 ft to 5000 ft.

David Wilde

Chief Financial Officer

David has over 30 years of energy industry experience in capital market transactions, asset acquisitions, corporate development, and strategic planning.  He led a private company focused on offshore property acquisition and field development.

Richard Michel

Chief Engineer

Richard is a naval architect and marine engineer with 30 years of experience in the design and construction management of drilling and production vessels at Bluewater Industries, Bennett & Associates, and Friede & Goldman.

Jerry Hosemann

SVP Bus Dev & Commercial
jerry hosemann bio pic

Jerry Hosemann has 20+ years of experience in the energy industry. Jerry previously served in a variety of roles with Shell Trading as VP of Trading, BP as Managing Director of Structured Products, Cargill, and Mitsubishi UFJ.

Audie Setters

LNG Advisor

Former Chevron executive, Audie has 35 years of oil, gas and LNG experience having served in several senior roles responsible for gas and LNG marketing, project development,commercial negotiations, business development, and M&A.

David Chung

david chung bio pic

David Chung has a proven track record of leading the development and financing of energy development projects with skills ranging from executive leadership to detailed quantitative analysis throughout his 28-year career in energy.

Recently David founded Annova LNG, and innovative LNG export project, which was one of the first projects to be proposed as a cost competitive mid-scale project, and led a team of three developers into financing and eventual acquisition by Exelon Generation, a Fortune 100 company. Under Exelon, David continued to provide executive leadership for the development of Annova through FERC filing and response period.

Previously, David led and developed deal structuring as Head of Natural Gas Structuring and Head of Power Structuring desks for Macquarie Energy, Constellation Energy, and NRG Energy.

During the last two years at Macquarie Energy, David marketed LNG capacity to buyers worldwide as part of Macquarie Energy’s original capacity deal with Freeport LNG. During this process, David negotiated long-term purchase and sales contracts, gaining valuable intelligence in the process including the actual willingness of a buyer to enter into long-term contracts, understanding buyer’s sensitivity to price and the actual physical demand requirements for large and small buyers worldwide.  It was during this period that David developed the concept for Annova LNG.

David Chung earned his master’s degree in statistics from Columbia University and his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dickinson College. He has held leadership positions at Macquarie Energy, Constellation Energy, Merrill Lynch Capital Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Risk Capital and NRG helping them develop structured commercial solutions.

Dataroom available upon request. Contact us for more information about the project.

Jerry Hosemann: jhosemann@lonestar-lng.com | 713-256-4149